Friday, May 21, 2010

Germans approve Euro rescue plan

SO the Germans have approved the monetary bailout for Greece. In some circles, there is jubilation and in others, despair. Incidentally, no one knows if these measures will in fact work, or even if something must be done. Spain and Portugal are in clear and present danger, as is the rest of the EU. With that said, America and the rest of the world's markets and economy are also in danger. At the very least, it seems as though things will get worse, before they get better, if in fact they ever get better.

Interestingly, the majority of the worlds populations have no clue what a default on its credit obligations will actually mean for Greece or the rest of the world. I'm talking dollars and sense...what exactly could, would, should or may happen? I don't know what any of this means for my life and that of my family, but I do know what we should be doing.

If this is not a wake up call, I dont know what is. Since the turn of the century, it seems that every two years there is some kind of financial crisis threatening world order. Eventually bread and milk is more expensive, energy savings are counseled, and various other measures are proposed. Simply put, this is the way things will be forever. The world and its capital markets and financial systems can no longer carry the load of capitalism. Its time to change our value system.

What does it matter what kind of car we drive. Seriously, the feel dies off after a few months or years at most. Why exactly do we need to have a a 10,000 square foot home, and take 3 vacations a year, and have a 42 inch flat screen, and 100 count bed sheets? I mean, everyone likes to have nice stuff, but ultimately you cant take it with you. More importantly, what does it do for you when you are sleeping? That is, it doesn't give you peace of mind, but rather, you need to worry about maintaining such things and preventing their damage. On top of that, you need to make sure that no one steals all of that money you got saved because then you have to sell all of your things. Thats extreme, but really, is your life really enriched to any degree? What enriches life is the question we sould be asking ourselves...

The things that enrich life are our families, friends, hard work, relaxing and knowing that we are well regarded, or rather our reputations. In the end, no one remembers the house that you built, but rather if you were a true friend that will be missed. If you were there in times of need, if you took good care of your parents when they got old and your children when they were small. If Greece needs the money, every nation that could be affected by its default should contribute frankly, but that is just my opinion. That doesn't matter. What does however matter is that regardless of the outcome, we need to reevaluate the things we find most important in life. The things we put on television and give our attention to. These financial incidents don't have to make us crazy. We just need to understand, that such issues should not be what defines us.

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