Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cleveland Lebrons, Indians and Browns...unlovable losers

The difference between a winner and a loser...

I was born and raised in Cleveland. WHen I was a teenager, I went away to Phoenix to live with my brother and his family in Phoenix. I went to school, found a nice girl and lived a life of sun and fun in the desert valley of the sun. I traveled to Vegas and Puerto Penasco, Mexico, and eventually to California. I finally settled in Germany where I traveled even more, made lots of money and founded my own business. In some circles, I am considered a success. My first son came in second as the cutest baby in the whole city of Jena (pop. 100,000). We Clevelanders lose like no other. I wont go on and recount the many notable losses, the spectacular fashion we lose or the legendary careers that were launched after our defeats. No, just a few words or so. We lose better than anyone ever has. Not just one sport, but all the major sports.

At least we can claim that, and we do proudly. No one else can claim our title for we are the unlovable losers. Our teams lose despite all odds, over and over again. We have heroes sure, but they never deliver. It hurts like hell, but we will still fill Browns stadium to the rafters. No we arent the Red Sox pre 2004, or the Cubs for all eternity. We have more history than the Raiders or the Nets. Our last championship was in fact in the mid-nineties by the Crunch soccer team. No we dont like it, but damn we wear that badge like no other. We know who we are and we roll with the punches in the gut.

The best is yet to come should be so lucky.

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